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Mumbai Anime Club (MAC) is an established interest group for Anime and Manga Fans residing in Mumbai. It had been officially formed on 16th May, 2010. From a total of just 13 members attending the inaugural meet, MAC has expanded its network to over 700 members online. More than 40 of those members attend the meets every month. MAC is currently active through its Facebook Group and is in the process of having its own website. Apart from Facebook, it has its own official YouTube Channel where videos from the meets and member created Anime Music Videos i.e. AMV’s are uploaded. It has recently made an official Twitter Account with the intention to connect with micro-bloggers and tweet about Anime related information, promote MAC and give updates about the Club.

At MAC we do everything For the Love of Anime - that’s our motto. Every once a month we meet up at a place we call Headquarters (HQ) which is the venue for the meet. We have an introductory session for the new members where we get them to talk about their Anime interests, the recent Anime they watched etc. In every meet we try and do something exclusive; be it a Play, Quiz, Dance performance and so on. It is usually accompanied by an array of activities like Karaoke (on Anime songs), Screening of an Anime episode or movie, open discussions about Anime/Manga/Dorama etc.

We even perform Cosplays during some meets, the first of its kind in our Country. We’ve had characters dressed up as Kakashi (Naruto), Yuki (xxxHolic), Ai Enma (Jigoku Shoujo), Ban Midou (Get Backers), Nana (Nana) and many more. You can check our articles to view some these cosplays.

We also promote our Club online and try to increase awareness about Japanese Animation by word of mouth. In India there is unfortunately a misrepresented mindset amongst people that Anime are only meant for little kids. They do not realize that Anime are not bound by age, and that there exist Anime for kids, teens, adults, for everyone. One of our main goals is to make people realize the beauty and awesomeness of Anime.

MAC has its own managing team called the Staff. It currently consists of 10 members along with volunteers who help out from time to time. The Staff is headed by the President, followed by the Vice President and the Staff Members.

The staff members are as follows:

Rachita Saha (President)

Abhishek Sayan (Vice President)

Akshay Ghag

Tejaswini Joglekar

Nikhil Pardeshi

Rishabh Saha

Gaurav Godbole

Sammy Anchan

Vishnu Iyengar

Tanya Shringapure

You can contact us through e-mail: mumbaianimeclub [at]

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